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With so many negative reviews, I felt I should write something positive. PROJECT CARS 2 CODEX (PC2) is DEFINITELY one step beyond its predecessor. It is definitely a step in the right direction for sim brokers on consoles. The amount of content is crazy, tons of tracks, tons of cars, weather options, etc. Much more dynamic than Project CARS (PC1). PC2 features dynamic 3D pools similar to those seen in Forza 6. This adds a wild card to each race.

PROJECT CARS 2 CODEXPROJECT CARS 2 CODEX graphics have also  improve. Although they do not run on native 4K, you get a good experience of 1440p 60fps for the most part (if you use a PS4 Pro).  Also download Rise Of The Tomb Raider Crack Fix 3DM.

PROJECT CARS 2 CODEXPROJECT CARS 2 CODEX Controls for controllers (DS4) are definitely not easy to use directly from the box (not like Forza or Gran Turismo). Like PC1, you’ll spend a little time adjusting the controls to find the perfect fit for your game style. Once you mark them, everything clicks. Project cars 2 codex You will pull neatly in no time. The tire model and physics in general are quite perfect.

Download: Server 1| Server 2 | Server 3 | Server 4