Light Flow Pro Paid – LED Control v3.74.05 Full APK

Light Flow Pro Paid – LED Control v3.74.05 is Here!

Light Flow Pro Paid is an application in which you can change the color of your notification light and customize notifications. With a variety of modes such as sleep, charging, etc., Light Flow Pro supports more than 250 applications and allows you to customize the notification mode for each application. It allows blinking of colors, so if you have a new SMS and a missed call, it can rotate between two colors. You can also set which notification priority has the highest priority and only flash one color. Your phone has different profiles when charged and working with the battery. If your battery is too hot for your taste, you can change the settings to conserve battery usage. This is a word best app.

Light Flow Pro Paid

Light Flow Pro Paid

Download:-> Buyur-indir Turbobit Alternatif: 14 MB

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