Atlas Sentry Mod Apk V1.4 Hack Cash

Atlas Sentry Mod Apk V1.4 Hack Free Download

Atlas Sentry Mod Apk is a skill game where you will fight enemies in space. You are not a solitary space ship and you are not want by the enemies in the region. But you belong and you have to defend it. Atlas Sentry Mod Apk may look like a battle game. But you will have a reason to stay in the categorization of skill games. Winning in the battle is totally related to your skill. Because you can not move this space ship. You can only change the view direction.

Atlas Sentry Mod Apk V1.4 Hack CashAt the beginning of the episode, you are surrounded by dozens of enemy space ships and you must shoot at them and destroy them. Another point that requires skill is that there is no aim indicator of your space ship is Last Day On Earth Hack v1.7.2. So you set it up by setting the direction of rotation. Your space ship has many features. Atlas Sentry Mod Apk has different weapons in itself. Use all of them skillfully and quickly to destroy enemies and pass sections, good fun!

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