Epic Battle Simulator Mod Apk

Epic Battle Simulator Mod Apk 2 1.3.10 Download

Epic Battle Simulator Mod Apk is a simulation game where armies fight. This game, which we published the first version before. It has been released in a new version with better features depending on the interest of too many people.

Epic Battle Simulator Mod ApkFor those who do not play the first version of the game yet. I can describe it briefly. In Epic Battle Simulator Mod Apk you have an army. So you are fighting with a hostile army in a big ovary. You are moving in chapters, and as time goes on, you are trying to develop your army.

Epic Battle Simulator Mod ApkThere are many types of troops you can include in your army. From normal soldiers to knight type soldiers.  You can use all of them. Each battle has a border for the soldiers you can place on the plain. For example, you can only use 5-6 soldiers in the first part. But of course it can vary according to where the soldiers are in the army. So if you talk about the first episode again. So you can use 4 of the strongest soldiers and 8 of the small soldiers. You will have a lot of fun in Epic Battle Simulator Mod Apk thanks to the money trick mode apk I gave you!

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